Friday, December 14, 2012

One Day In December ~What A Difference A Year Makes!

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Wow, it's been a year already!  It's truly amazing how time flies and what can happen in just 365 days.  I was excited that us TWIPS (A community of wedding planners and bloggers) wanted to do this chain of recap blog posts again.  In my previous "One Day in December Post, that I posted on my gift basket blog, that you can read about here, I spoke of how one car accident changed my life and it truly did. 

I wrote of how my children and I survived a major car accident and how I ended up losing the job that I hated, because of the accident.  I spoke of how the accident left me unable to speak, so I started a blog and was accepted into TWIPS.  There were so many things that I mentioned, but so many things went unsaid as well, which makes this Christmas extra special.

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What I did say was was that my world flipped upside down when my SUV did.  What I didn't say was that after the accident, I lost my home too.  I stated that business picked up for my gift baskets and event company, but I didn't say that I really depend on my day job because, although my businesses have picked up, I still don't have enough business to survive solely off my two companies alone.

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With all of that being said, I couldn't be happier with the way 2012 has progressed.  After seven months of being unemployed, I found a job that I absolutely love, where I get to work with at-risk youth and show my passion for education by day, and at a place where I no longer have to hide the fact that I'm a wedding and event planner.  I'm constantly busy with Enraptured Events, planning and designing, and also busy with Wrapped Couture designing custom gift baskets for various occasions.  I've been able to attend a few wedding conferences out of state and cross those things off of my bucket list.  I've also been featured in Stiletto Woman Magazine for pushing through the pain and overcoming adversity.  I was able to meet a bunch of TWIPS at a meet up here in Atlanta and  finally meet Shafonne of Pretty Pear Bride in at one of the mini wedding conferences in NYC!  With the way 2012 has turned out, 2013 looks to be even better!

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I heard something on the radio recently: "Do you know how you know that God isn't done with His plan for you?" After a pause from the DJ, he simply said, "He keeps waking you up."  To me, that was a very profound question and it confirmed what I already knew; there's something bigger and better just waiting for me and all I have to do is wake up.  The same goes for you!

For more great "One Day in December" posts, visit Shafonne of Pretty Pear Bride and her recap post  of 2012 from yesterday and tune in Monday for Amanda's 2012 highlights and recap of Baci Designer. 

Friday, November 30, 2012

Hire A Professional & Not Your Friend!

Happy Friday!  I hope you're looking forward to the weekend as much as I am.  Although we're just getting over the Thanksgiving break, I'm ready for another one.

At the request of one of my brides, I'm writing this post.  This is something that many of us in the wedding industry talk about quite frequently, why you shouldn't hire your family or friends to be your wedding planner or vendors at your wedding.  In theory, it sounds good, but in actuality, it only works out in rare instances.  Today, I'm listing my top 10 reasons why you should really refrain from doing so and stick with the professionals.  It may keep you from being a stressed out bride on your wedding day.

Photo Courtesy of The Plunge Project

  1. Direction:  A professional offers direction and helps guides you through the planning process.  Even though the wedding planning books can give you and outline of what to do and when, a professional wedding planner is there to offer continued guidance and ensures that you're staying on target with securing your vendors in time for your wedding.  Your friend may not be so cognizant of benchmarks to keep you on task for your wedding to give you the gentle push you need in the right direction.
  2. Vision:  A professional helps articulates your vision to other professionals.  One of the things that I do, and most of the wedding planners that I know is to create an inspiration board for my clients, after the consultation.  When communicating with other vendors, it makes it much easier to present a photo.  A professional is able to listen to the bride (or groom) and create a concept, vision, or direction for other professionals to follow.  A friend may not know how to fuse your style with his to create one cohesive vision for your wedding or special event.
  3. Budget:  A professional manages your budget and helps you stay on target with your budget while maintaining the vision that you've originally set.  If there is something that you'd like to have, the professional planner knows the budget and whether or not you can afford it.  If your budget is low, a professional can offer creative suggestions to still maintain the original vision, whereas your friend may not..
  4. Knowledge:  In this business, trends are constantly changing.  The professionals that I know and work with are masters of their craft; certified wedding & event planner, certified photographers, and certified florists, and so on.  We are always attending conferences and seminars to continue our knowledge of what's going on in the industry so we're always fresh.  Your friend may not have the knowledge, the certifications, and my just look at planning as a hobby.
  5. Listening:  Many brides have been thinking of their wedding day since they were little girls.  As a professional, we're able to actively listen to what our clients want and offer suggestions based on what they want and what they can afford.  Your friend may not be fully listening and may be more interested in offering ideas and suggestions.
  6. Accountability:  As a professional, we' often hear, "My cousin can do this" or "I know someone who can".  It's difficult for us to get a bride to understand that friends and family members typically want to enjoy the day and aren't looking to work, like a professional would.  Professionals show up to work and get the job done that they were hired to do.  They aren't looking to join the party or have a good time.
  7. Quality:  Professionals are not only want to give you the wedding/event you've envisioned but are also concerned about their name and reputation.  They want to produce a quality product that you and they would be happy with.  Your friend may be more concerned with producing a product that you can afford, without offering any options or creative alternatives for what you can afford, often leaving you disappointed; after the fact. as the old adage goes "you get what you pay for"
  8. Mediation: As a wedding professional, we are often having to play a mediator between the mother and the bride, or other family members.  If you're a friend or family member, you may be too close to the parties involved to provide mediation.  It's often a great idea to have an outside party.
  9. Vendor Relationships:  As a professional, you have the opportunity to build relationships with vendors in all aspects of the industry.  With these relationships often comes added benefits that are passed on to your wedding. Your friend wouldn't have this.
  10. Venue Spacing:  As a professional, we aren't always there when the venue is chosen, but we know how to come in and make the space work for what your vision is.  If we're fortunate enough to be there before the venue is selected, we're able to help you choose the one that most fits your vision, budget, and works well logistically.  Your friend may not be thinking of these things and thinking of the venue that looks that best.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Baby, It's Cold Outside

The winter months are cold, dreary, and typically non-eventful.  With the exception of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year's Eve holiday, there isn't much to to look forward to.  Lately, more and more brides are choosing to get married in the winter, which gives us a few more things to look forward to: 
  • Winter bouquets: I love snowberries and they are only available during the winter months.  I recommend or use them whenever I get the chance.
  • Photo Ops: If you live in the the North or North East, you have the opportunity to have an amazing photo after your wedding.  Take a look at the one below.

Image Courtesy of Silverland Jewelry
Image Courtesy of
  • Fabulous Furs: If you're a fashionista, you have the opportunity to wear a fabulous fur coat to cover your wedding dress and keep yourself warm.  Because it's more popular, brides are choosing various colors, styles, and lengths.
  • Gorgeous Scenery: Lastly, the winter months in the north changes the scenery and the snow creates a beautiful backdrop for  your photos.
Image Courtesy of  Rachel Smaller Photography
Image Courtesy of Maria Hedengren Photography

Friday, November 23, 2012

It's All About The Veil

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday.  Today is Fashion Friday and it's all about the veil.  Although I've never been married before, I've seen how a veil can turn a wedding gown into "the wedding gown", as I've help many brides choose the perfect wedding dress.  

I think veils can give a wedding dress a little bit of drama as well as a little bit of romance.  Today, I have a collection of some of my favorite and most dramatic wedding veils.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Image Courtesy of Style Me Pretty
Image Courtesy of Rosa Clara 
Photo Courtesy of St. Pucchi
Photo Courtesy of 
Whether you choose something subtle and romantic or bold and dramatic for your wedding day, your veil is sure to make your wedding gown that much more beautiful!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving to me is about family and one of my favorite days of the year. It's a time where family our family come together and, prior to dinner being served, we have to state what we're most thankful for.  As a child, I used to be nervous when it was my turn and didn't know why I had to do it.  Now, I love the tradition and, of course, my children do it to.

Photo Courtesy of Stephens Lighthouse
Thanksgiving isn't just about what you're putting on your dinner table and how you're decorating it.  Think about what you're thankful for, what you're giving to your community, or what traditions and legacies you're passing down to your children.  When I saw this photo, I thought it spoke the perfect Thanksgiving message.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING from my family to yours!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Promises, Promises

Promises are made to be kept. Plain and simple.  My children, especially my daughter, and I have always used the word "promise" as something special.  The pinky promise was something extra special and we all knew, barring life altering circumstances, we had to perform.  I came across this picture by one of my favorite photographers, Ross Oscar Knight, and it epitomizes the pinky promises between a husband and wife perfectly!

Photo Courtesy of Ross Oscar Knight
When it comes to promises, I also feels that the promise goes hand in hand with the wedding vow.  I also came across the beautiful DIY project where you paint your vows on a 12 x 24 piece of canvas.  This can be a gorgeous idea and a constant reminder of the vows you took and promises you made on your wedding day.

Photo Courtesy of Melanie Gets Married

Monday, November 19, 2012

Stylish Wedding Bands for Grooms

I am a huge fan of jewelry and love when a the groom get creative with his wedding band.  I've always felt that the groom should have something more substantial and stately than the simple gold band, if he chose, especially since the bride had all the diamonds.  I felt the bands should compliment each other.  I was out shopping one day and noticed a beautiful, diamond-studded wedding band on the cashier.  When I asked him about it, he told me that he picked it out himself.  It was an upgrade to the one his wife had chosen for their wedding day and it was a gift for their third wedding anniversary, because he hated the gold band he had to wear!  I thought it was awesome!

So, for the grooms who may need help looking for some stately and substantial wedding bands, I can across a website, Javda that has some pretty amazing ones to choose from.  Whether you like Platinum, White Gold, or Yellow Gold, there is something to fit your style.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Anemone Inspiration

It's not uncommon to see black during a winter wedding.  What's uncommon is the anemone flower.  When I was contracted to do a wedding on 1.13.13, with a color palette of black, champagne, and green, I knew I wanted to do something a little bit different for this bride, because she "likes clean lines" and elegance.  The anemone is not one of those flowers that you first think of but it's perfect for her, so I created and inspiration board around it for her wedding.  Since the groom loves motorcycles, the brides wants to do something different for the sendoff...

Photos via Pinterest. Will update with Specfics

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Signature Drinks For Your Fall Wedding

It's Trendy Thursday and today we're talking about signature drinks!  Signature Drinks have been a trend for a few years now, and there's no sign of this trend slowing down.  Of course these drinks match often match the color palette of the wedding day and have cute little names with them.  If you're having a fall wedding and may be a little stumped for signature drink ideas, I've rounded up a few that will fit the color palette of the season and still blend in with your wedding day decor.

Orange is the first color that comes to mind when you think of the fall.  How cute are these signature drinks?

Photo Courtesy of

Who doesn't love an apple drink?  If your wedding has an apple theme, this signature drink will fit perfectly, but it will also fit any fall wedding.
Photo Courtesy of A Mountain of Crushed Iced via

This pineapple upside down martini will fit in perfectly with your fall inspired wedding decor, especially if you need a pop of color.
Photo Courtesy of

If your wedding colors are rust and brown, this pear will be the perfect signature drink.
Photo Courtesy of Posh Betty

If your wedding colors are mostly brown and white, how about this white chocolate wedding cake martini?
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

An Election Day Inspiration Board

In honor of Election Day, I decided to put together an little inspiration board.  Something a little patriotic but still had a little elegance and flare.  I wanted to keep with the All-American feel and fell in love with the couple with the vintage blue car and I love the stars and stripes of our country and let that inspire me.  No matter who you vote for today, let your voice be heard!

Shoes via Bridesmaids via Cupcake sticks via Ringbearer pillow va Couple & Blue Car via Bouquet via Pie & Stationery via Guest Book via Engagement Ring via Stationery via

Friday, November 2, 2012

Wedding Gowns & The Perfect Shoe

On Monday,  in the Men's Monday post, we matched men's tuxedos with watches.  Today, for Fashion Friday, we're matching wedding gowns with the perfect shoe for your wedding day.  For the bride that loves color, I even have a gown by Dennis Basso, who many may know from making some of the greatest fur coats (I'm from Michigan so keeping warm in the winter was always a priority)!

Long sleeves on a wedding dress have been making a comeback and lace is always popular as a wedding gown option.  I found this Myrish lace wedding gown to be stunning and paired with these Badgley Mischka stilettos, you'll have the perfect white/off-white look for your wedding day.
Badgley Mischka Stilettos Courtesy of Myrish Gown Courtesy of

Now we all know there are some daring brides and that love to show a little bit of skin on their wedding day.  This St. Pucci Couture wedding gown is the perfect combination of sexy and elegance, combined with this Fendi silk stiletto, and you'll clearly be an hot bride on your wedding day!
Fendi Silk Stilettos Courtesy of St. Pucci Wedding Gown Courtesy of

What woman doesn't like blush pink?  If you want to be slightly daring and still soft and flowery on your wedding day, this blush pink wedding gown by Jim Hjelm with floral details, paired with these blush pink wedding shoes by BHLDN, you're sure to look soft and elegant on your wedding day.
Blush Pink stilettos Courtesy of and Jim Hjelm Wedding Gown Courtesy of

There are some brides who just want to be a bit dramatic!  They don't want to wear white, ivory, or blush.  They want to wear black and this Dennis Basso wedding gown is the perfect option to give any bride the drama she's looking for on her wedding day, especially when paired with these black Fendi peep toe shoes.
Fendi Peep-toe Shoes Courtesy of and Dennis Basso Wedding Gown Courtesy of

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Saving Your Wedding Vows

Romance, romance, romance!  To me, that's what wedding vows are all about; the love between the couple.  I love when the couple take the time to write their own vows and live out those words.  If you saw the movie The Vow, you know exactly what I'm referring to.  Today, is Trendy Thursday and I wanted to show how some have chosen to preserve their wedding vows.

Now who would have thought of wearing their wedding wows as a hair bow?!  This is one way to really make a fashion statement and have the words that were spoken to you on your wedding day close to you at the same time.

Photo Courtesy of
The message in the bottle is an old favorite.  By putting them in a bottle and wearing them around your neck, this is another good way to keep your wedding vows close to you and close to your heart.

Photo Courtesy of
Are you into art?  A portrait is the best way to combine the two and display your favorite wedding photo and the wedding vows you spoke to each other.  Hang it in a main area of your home and you'll always be reminded of the wedding day as well as the vows you shared.

Photo Courtesy of

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Numbers According To Cosmo

Today is Wedding Wednesday and I have an interesting article to share with you today.  Just about every woman I know has dreamed of her wedding "since she can remember."  I was reading the October issue of Cosmopolitan and came across a very interesting article on love and numbers.  More like the number of times you should do this or the number of times men like that.  I'd certainly love to know what you think of the numbers that they've come up with.  

  • 2 is the number of times you should say his name in a conversation to show him that you're interested in him.  Saying his name makes him subconsciously feel more connected to you but you don't want to overdo it.
  • 92% of men think that dinner is the perfect setting for the first date.  It wouldn't hurt if this setting was a romantic one with a few personal touches, similar to a Valentines dinner I created this past February as seen below.
Photo Courtesy of
  • 97 is the average number of days it takes a guy to say those magic words that we love to hear.  "I love you!"
  • 5 is the number of times you should casually touch a guy you're into within 15 minutes.  Now, I don't know about you, but I think this is a bit much, especially if it's early in the relationship!  The article states that men aren't into subtlety so several pats on the arm, pecks on the cheek, and hands on the knee are necessary.
Photo Courtesy of Fashion Central
I don't subscribe to this magazine and have no idea why it came to my house, but I must say that I found some interesting things in it.  I hope you find these numbers as interesting as I did.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Thanksgiving Table Setting

The holiday season is approaching and many of us are preparing for families to visit and considering our favorite family dishes.  Sometimes we overlook the table decor.  I put together a tablescape using many things we already have in our homes, and especially the kitchen!

Photo Courtesy of
Photo Courtesy of

Your guests will love sitting down to a beautifully decorated table and somehow, it seems to make the food taste better and the conversation flow smoother as well.

Photo Courtesy of
Image Courtesy of
Since Thanksgiving is right after Halloween, you may already have plenty of orange candles and votives on hand and, of course, pumpkins are still lurking around.  I filled cylinder vases, in varying heights, with popcorn, coffee beans, and white beans, and alternated their order when going from orange, ivory, and chocolate candles.  

Sometimes you don't have to look any further than what you already have to make something special and unique.

Monday, October 29, 2012

A Groom That's Dressed To Impress

Today it's Men's Monday and it's all about making a statement!  Everybody knows that I love shoes, jewelry, handbags, and chocolate.  However, when it comes to men, they sometimes get the short end of the deal when it comes to jewelry.  Today, I'm pairing some amazing watches with tuxedos to make some dapper grooms on your wedding day.

Are your wedding colors blue and grey?  This Fendi watch and blue check tuxedo from .  As we head through fall and approach winter, this blue and steel grey combination will make a great look for a winter wedding.
Fendi Watch Courtesy of Raymod Lee Jewelers and Suit Courtesy of 

Since I'm still looking a little bit into the future, I couldn't pass up this Jean Yves steel grey two button tuxedo.  It's also the perfect color for a winter wedding but grey can easily be substituted for silver if your wedding color palette has silver in it.

Invicta Watch Courtesy of and Jean Yves Tuxedo Coutesy of  MichellsBridalShop

Now that we are  currently into fall, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to use some fall colors, with chocolate being one of my favorites!  This Parisian Brown tuxedo paired with this Gucci watch is the perfect combination for a wedding that's scheduled to take place this fall.
Gucci Watch Courtesy of and Parisian Brown Tuxedo Courtesy of

If you're having a daytime wedding and you're looking for something a little more subtle for the fall season, this formal cream tuxedo, paired with the Bvlgari watch can do just the trick!
Bvlgari Watch Courtesy of and Cream Tuxedo Courtesy of Sarno and Son Tuxedos

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Sexiest Dance Ever!

Anyone who knows me, knows that my favorite forms of art are photography and dance!  Since this post is about my favorite dance of all time, I'll focus on why I love dancing so much.  Dancing brings stories and songs to life and gives movement to the emotions that we so often feel; love, anger, sadness, and excitement, to name a few.

I watch all of the dance shows on TV, just to see those stories and songs come to life and those emotions are played out.  Two of my favorite shows happen to be So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With the Stars.  While watching DWTS this week, I saw my favorite dance, which I happen to think is the sexiest, the Rumba, performed my Gilles Marini and Peta Murgatroyd.  It also happened to be performed by one of my favorite singers of all time, Whitney Houston.  It was a win-win performance for me!

I wrote on one of my other blogs that it's my dream to perform the Rumba as the first dance on my wedding day, so I couldn't resist posting the dance of Gilles & Peta, for all of its romance, beauty, and passion.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stepping Into Fall

The fall season is all about colors; reds, golds, oranges, and browns.  It can be a toss up to see these colors incorporated into a fall wedding, and even more of a gamble to see them incorporated into the bride's attire.  So, I've put together a few ideas that I'd consider wearing on my wedding day, some that I'd hope to inspire you to add some fall color into your wedding attire.

If you're a shoe-alolic like I am, you'll love these brown stilettos with a red bow!
Photo Courtesy of
What about these gold stilettos with bling on the heel and sole?
Photo Courtesy of

If colored stilettos on your wedding day aren't your thing, maybe adding accessories to your hair for that pop of color may be right for you.  Here are some alternatives to a full veil, while keeping with the fall colors in mind.

How cute is this burgundy flower and birdcage veil? Simply perfect for the bride that's non-traditional!
Photo Courtesy of
If you are more of a traditional bride, how cute is this up-do with the addition of orange roses?
Photo Courtesy of

Whether or not you choose to add a pop of color to your wedding attire, stick with what fits your style and personality; what makes you most comfortable.