Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Numbers According To Cosmo

Today is Wedding Wednesday and I have an interesting article to share with you today.  Just about every woman I know has dreamed of her wedding "since she can remember."  I was reading the October issue of Cosmopolitan and came across a very interesting article on love and numbers.  More like the number of times you should do this or the number of times men like that.  I'd certainly love to know what you think of the numbers that they've come up with.  

  • 2 is the number of times you should say his name in a conversation to show him that you're interested in him.  Saying his name makes him subconsciously feel more connected to you but you don't want to overdo it.
  • 92% of men think that dinner is the perfect setting for the first date.  It wouldn't hurt if this setting was a romantic one with a few personal touches, similar to a Valentines dinner I created this past February as seen below.
Photo Courtesy of
  • 97 is the average number of days it takes a guy to say those magic words that we love to hear.  "I love you!"
  • 5 is the number of times you should casually touch a guy you're into within 15 minutes.  Now, I don't know about you, but I think this is a bit much, especially if it's early in the relationship!  The article states that men aren't into subtlety so several pats on the arm, pecks on the cheek, and hands on the knee are necessary.
Photo Courtesy of Fashion Central
I don't subscribe to this magazine and have no idea why it came to my house, but I must say that I found some interesting things in it.  I hope you find these numbers as interesting as I did.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Thanksgiving Table Setting

The holiday season is approaching and many of us are preparing for families to visit and considering our favorite family dishes.  Sometimes we overlook the table decor.  I put together a tablescape using many things we already have in our homes, and especially the kitchen!

Photo Courtesy of
Photo Courtesy of

Your guests will love sitting down to a beautifully decorated table and somehow, it seems to make the food taste better and the conversation flow smoother as well.

Photo Courtesy of
Image Courtesy of
Since Thanksgiving is right after Halloween, you may already have plenty of orange candles and votives on hand and, of course, pumpkins are still lurking around.  I filled cylinder vases, in varying heights, with popcorn, coffee beans, and white beans, and alternated their order when going from orange, ivory, and chocolate candles.  

Sometimes you don't have to look any further than what you already have to make something special and unique.

Monday, October 29, 2012

A Groom That's Dressed To Impress

Today it's Men's Monday and it's all about making a statement!  Everybody knows that I love shoes, jewelry, handbags, and chocolate.  However, when it comes to men, they sometimes get the short end of the deal when it comes to jewelry.  Today, I'm pairing some amazing watches with tuxedos to make some dapper grooms on your wedding day.

Are your wedding colors blue and grey?  This Fendi watch and blue check tuxedo from .  As we head through fall and approach winter, this blue and steel grey combination will make a great look for a winter wedding.
Fendi Watch Courtesy of Raymod Lee Jewelers and Suit Courtesy of 

Since I'm still looking a little bit into the future, I couldn't pass up this Jean Yves steel grey two button tuxedo.  It's also the perfect color for a winter wedding but grey can easily be substituted for silver if your wedding color palette has silver in it.

Invicta Watch Courtesy of and Jean Yves Tuxedo Coutesy of  MichellsBridalShop

Now that we are  currently into fall, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to use some fall colors, with chocolate being one of my favorites!  This Parisian Brown tuxedo paired with this Gucci watch is the perfect combination for a wedding that's scheduled to take place this fall.
Gucci Watch Courtesy of and Parisian Brown Tuxedo Courtesy of

If you're having a daytime wedding and you're looking for something a little more subtle for the fall season, this formal cream tuxedo, paired with the Bvlgari watch can do just the trick!
Bvlgari Watch Courtesy of and Cream Tuxedo Courtesy of Sarno and Son Tuxedos

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Sexiest Dance Ever!

Anyone who knows me, knows that my favorite forms of art are photography and dance!  Since this post is about my favorite dance of all time, I'll focus on why I love dancing so much.  Dancing brings stories and songs to life and gives movement to the emotions that we so often feel; love, anger, sadness, and excitement, to name a few.

I watch all of the dance shows on TV, just to see those stories and songs come to life and those emotions are played out.  Two of my favorite shows happen to be So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With the Stars.  While watching DWTS this week, I saw my favorite dance, which I happen to think is the sexiest, the Rumba, performed my Gilles Marini and Peta Murgatroyd.  It also happened to be performed by one of my favorite singers of all time, Whitney Houston.  It was a win-win performance for me!

I wrote on one of my other blogs that it's my dream to perform the Rumba as the first dance on my wedding day, so I couldn't resist posting the dance of Gilles & Peta, for all of its romance, beauty, and passion.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stepping Into Fall

The fall season is all about colors; reds, golds, oranges, and browns.  It can be a toss up to see these colors incorporated into a fall wedding, and even more of a gamble to see them incorporated into the bride's attire.  So, I've put together a few ideas that I'd consider wearing on my wedding day, some that I'd hope to inspire you to add some fall color into your wedding attire.

If you're a shoe-alolic like I am, you'll love these brown stilettos with a red bow!
Photo Courtesy of
What about these gold stilettos with bling on the heel and sole?
Photo Courtesy of

If colored stilettos on your wedding day aren't your thing, maybe adding accessories to your hair for that pop of color may be right for you.  Here are some alternatives to a full veil, while keeping with the fall colors in mind.

How cute is this burgundy flower and birdcage veil? Simply perfect for the bride that's non-traditional!
Photo Courtesy of
If you are more of a traditional bride, how cute is this up-do with the addition of orange roses?
Photo Courtesy of

Whether or not you choose to add a pop of color to your wedding attire, stick with what fits your style and personality; what makes you most comfortable.